Trust & Safety

We trust in our community but we also have some tools for you


All of our members must have a verified email address or social network account to join. All members must then have a verified mobile phone number before making a booking or listing a boat. We authorise payment from the Guests credit card before an Owner can accept the booking and hold that payment until the booking is complete.


We encourage you to ask as many questions as you need to feel confident in the Guest. Our secure and anonymous messaging system means no personal contact details are shared until a booking is confirmed, at which time the verified mobile numbers are shared.


All members have a dedicated profile page where you can read reviews from other members and contact Owners before making a booking. Profiles and reviews are important tools for our community and help build trust.

Security Deposits

Owners set their own security deposits which Beds on Board can charge in the event of an issue being reported. See our Terms for more details.


All Owners must be in compliance with laws and 3rd party agreements.


If you would like to discuss insurance, we have a choice of partners who can provide the relevant marine insurance to rent your boat to overnight guests. Please click here to learn more.



And of course you can Contact Us with any questions about staying on a boat or earning money from your boat, any time.