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    Beds on Board partner with the RYA for the Member Reward Partner Programme

    Beds on Board and the RYA

    Beds on Board are excited join the RYA Member Reward Partner Programme.

    RYA members will receive a 10% discount when they book a stay and boat owners who list will enjoy a fee-free first booking.

    “We are really excited to be partnering with the RYA, who have been a big part of our sailing lives and who we are happy to be supporting in the future. The Beds on Board community is often talking about what’s next after staying on a boat and this partnership will make sure they know that the RYA can be part of their boating journey,” comments Jason Ludlow, Co-founder, Beds on Board.

    Find out more at the RYA

    To take advantage of this great new offer visit the RYA Beds on Board Member Benefits page for more details and booking instructions.

    For details of over 70 RYA Member Reward Partners offering exclusive offers and discounts for RYA members visit

    Visit the RYA website