Romantic breaks

"This is where we chose to spend our wedding night and we are so glad we did. Epic experience. 1st class accommodation."

Emma, Beds on Board guest, Oct 2016

Explore romantic destinations

Discover stunning scenery, just waiting to be explored. Uncover the history and culture of a city, far away from your daily routine. Enjoy authentic local delicacies and fine wines in nearby restaurants or take your pick of the best regional produce to serve on board for two.


"Thanks for a fantastic weekend celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary! We will be back"

Heidi, July 2016



Your own space

Reconnect with each other. Time and space are just for you. Retreat to your cosy cabin where you’ll find everything you need for a blissful, romantic break away from the distractions of everyday life.


"My partner and I will be going back again, and again, without a shadow of doubt."

Andrew, Aug 2016


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Why stay on a boat for a romanitc break?

Here's 5 of our favourite reasons to stay on boat:

(1) Unique experiences
Escape the usual routine - rebalance & revitalise

(2) Another way to stay
Cosy & intimate - share something completely different

(3) Location, location
Bright lights or rural retreats, it's your choice

(4) Wow factor
Enjoy a slice of laid back luxury

(5) Save money
All this for less than a hotel room