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Are you a boat owner?

We help you offset the cost of ownership by renting your boat to overnight guests.

Your boat doesn't leave its mooring and you stay in control, setting your own prices & terms and deciding who stays & when.

This section answers some common questions and gets you ready to make money from your boat

How much could your boat earn you?

Try our free earnings calculator to find out what, and to help you set your nightly price. 

You set your own pricing but you should:

  1. Think about who you want to rent to
  2. Think about how many cabins you want to rent
  3. Price competitvely compared to other accommodation options
Earnings calculator

How does it work?

It's really easy. Once you've read through this content you will be ready to rent your boat to overnight guests and start offsetting the cost of boat ownership:

  1. List your boat
  2. Decide who stays & when
  3. Start earning money!
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What are the benefits?

Our mission here at Beds on Board is to help you offset the cost of owning your boat by renting to overnight guests. In doing so you will:

  1. Earn money from your vacant boat
  2. Keep your boat clean, aired and ready for you
  3. Meet great people from our community
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What do you need to get started?

Reading all the content here is the first thing, then you just need a safe & comfortable boat that is suitable for overnight guests and has walk-on access. You'll need some good photos of the boat and the area and 5 minutes to create your listing.

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Beds on Board owners - regulations

What about regulations?

You are responsible for complying with any local regulations so do look into these. In the UK, as an example, boats that are moored in coastal marinas do not need MCA coding. We recommend you:

  1. Talk to your insurance company
  2. Talk to your marina or other berthing authority
  3. Make sure your boat is safe and comfortable

Does Beds on Board work with marinas?

Yes. We are members of British Marine and The Yacht Harbour Association and we have a partnership with MDL Marinas. We recommend you talk to your marina, but before that you should:

  1. Read our Accommodation Guidelines
  2. Read our Guest Conduct Policy
  3. List your boat
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What's it like to rent out your boat on Beds on Board?

At Beds on Board we care about connecting guests who are looking for unique accommodation with owners who want to offset the cost of running their boats.

Our boat owners are passionate about sharing the exciting experiences they have had on the water, but don’t just take our word for it.  

We asked some of our most popular boat owners why they chose to rent out their pride and joys.

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Ready to list your boat?

Get started now and the team here can help you make the perfect listing and start earning money from your boat!

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