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  • New Year's Eve Accommodation

    Stay on a boat for New Year's Eve. There's something about a New Year break that makes the occasion bigger, better; more exciting. A unique place to stay with loved ones or friends and the thrill of fireworks.

    Our guide to New Year's Eve accommodation

    1. Edinburgh, Scotland
    Join the Hogmanay Street Party

    2. London, The River Thames
    As Big Ben strikes 12 the fireworks begin

    3. Palma, Mallorca
    The Spanish know how to throw a fiesta

    4. Valletta, Malta
    Fireworks in the fabulous World Heritage Site harbour

    5. Barcelona, Spain
    The closing event for La Mercè festival

    Why stay on a boat for New Year's Eve?

    1. Location, location
    Get closer to the acton

    2. Wow factor
    Live the luxury lifestyle

    3. Quality time
    Boats are perfect for sharing with friends or family

    4. No place like home
    Just step down into your cabin after the celebrations

    5. Save money
    Often cheaper than a local hotel