MDL Managed Service

Offset the cost of boat ownership

Rent your boat to overnight guests and offset the cost of ownership. The Beds on Board & MDL partnership offers a safe and secure managed service. Find out more below!

What is Beds on Board?

Beds on Board lets you rent your boat to overnight guests when you're not using it with the MDL Managed Service:

  • You decide when your boat is available
  • You decide who stays on board
  • You decide the price & terms

Members of the Beds on Board community will contact you via the secure Message Centre to request a booking and you have 48 hours to respond. Contact details are only shared once you've accepted a booking. 

What do you need to join?

All you need is a safe and comfortable boat with walk-on access, some good photos and 5 minutes to create a listing.

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Service packages

There are 2 levels of service - Premium and Standard.

MDL can also organise cleaning and bedding so the boat will be 100% ready for you to use, or to receive a future guest. Please account for the cost of cleaning in your listing price.

Premium Service 

The Premium Service means you do not have to be at the marina when you have a booking. It also gives you:

  • Use of marina facilities
  • Meet and greet
  • Check-in and check-out
  • Boat orientation
  • Management of changeover

Standard Service 

Ideal for those who live locally, the standard option gives you the flexibility to manage the stay for yourself.

As per the Premium Service, the marina will look after the check in and check out, and guests will still be able to use all the member facilities.

The Standard Service allows you to manage all other aspects of your guests' stay, including giving them a tour and marina regulations and organise any cleaning and laundry requirements.

Ready to get started?

List your boat today and the Beds on Board team will be with you every step of the way.

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How to get started

Rent your boat to overnight guests in complete confidence with MDL and Beds on Board. All you have to do is:

  1. List your boat
  2. Communicate with guests
  3. Write reviews
  4. Earn some money from your boat!

Once you accept a booking request MDL will manage the booking for you.

What do MDL do?

Once you have accepted a booking your MDL Marina will take over to:

  1. Meet and greet the guest and give a detailed briefing
  2. Manage the keys and security
  3. Feedback to you for your reviews
  4. Deduct the Premium service fee per night

The Premium Service is recommended unless you are available to meet & greet your guest. 

How do you get paid?

Beds on Board will promote your boat for you and charge 5% (+ VAT) of your nightly price.

The MDL fee is 5% of your nightly price for Standard Service, or 20% for the Premium Service.

Beds on Board will transfer the money 24 hours after your guest has successfully checked in.

List your boat today

Beds on Board and MDL give you the perfect way to help offset the cost of ownership with a safe and easy managed service. The Beds on Board team are ready to help you get your boat listed and the MDL team are ready to meet and greet your guests - so get started now!

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Do you have any guidelines?

Yes. We worked with British Marine, The Yacht Harbour Association and our insurance partners to publish peer-to-peer accomodation guidelines to help you rent your boat safely.

We recommend all owners read these guidelines and follow the steps to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

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You should talk to your insurance company before renting your boat to guests. If you have any difficulty getting cover to use our service you can contact our insurance partners for a quote.

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