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    Good photos mean more bookings

    Guests are searching for boat accommodation every day and we've seen what guests want from a listing so we'd like to share some top tips to get you more bookings.


    Once you have read these tips, simply Log In and select 'My Listings' to improve your listing today! 


    Take some good photos

    Getting good photos will significantly increase your chance of bookings. Make sure the boat is clean and dressed ready for guests to arrive. Make the beds up with folded towels, add some flowers, a fruit bowl and ideally wait for a sunny day. Inlcude pictures of the walk to the boat, the view from the boat and of course all the space that is on offer.

    List all the amenities

    Tell guests exactly what your boat has to offer. Is there free parking? Is there wi-fi? Where do guests shower? Are kids welcome? There's check-list for on board and onshore amenities. The more you tell guests about the area and how they can spend the time the more likely you are to get booking enquiries.

    Update your profile

    Tell guests about yourself. Make sure you upload a picture of yourself and write a friendly description. Profiles help build trust and confidence and allow guests to make decisions and feel good about asking questions.

    Reply promptly

    Guests may be looking at a few options so a quick response will increase your chance of getting a booking and earning some money from your vacant boat. Ask as many quetions as you need to feel confient in the guest using the Message Centre. 

    Talk to us

    Give us a call on +44 (0) 203 795 5006. We have an expert and friendly team to help you make the most of you listing. Ask questions and let us know your key availability dates or special offers we can help promote your listing.


    With this in mind, it's time for you to Log In and select 'My Listings' to improve your listing today!



    Contact us now with any questions and we can help you make money from your boat.