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  • HiyaCar Special Offer

    We're offering our friends from HiyaCar a 10% discount on any boat, any time

    Why stay on a boat?

    Here's 5 of our favourite reasons to stay on boat:

    (1) Location, location
    Forget a room with a view...stay in the view!

    (2) Wow factor
    Get a slice of laid back luxury in your life

    (3) Family friendly
    Kids can have their own cabin

    (4) Quality time
    Swap the screens for open skies & stars

    (5) Save money
    All this for less than a hotel room

    10% discount special offer

    We love HiyaCar so we are offering all HiyaCar members a 10% discount:

    (1) Choose your boat
    Search above or from the homepage by location

    (2) Contact owner
    Ask any questions you have

    (3) Book the boat
    Enter this discount code at the payment screen:



    Offer valid throughout 2017 - see full Terms for more.