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  • Easter Break

    Experience an Easter break with a difference and stay on a boat!

    Easter breaks with a difference

    Easter breaks with a difference

    We're bringing boats into your life for Easter!

    Motorboats, houseboats, canal boats; boats in marinas, boats on rivers, boats in cities, boats in the country. Boats with sunsets, boats with Netflix, boats with swimming pools. Boats for everyone. Boats for you.

    It's because the Easter holidays mark the end of the winter (up here at Beds on Board HQ at least) that we really get excited. It's the first time to think about a break that can get you some much missed fresh air and maybe even some sun.

    And what better way to embrace the outdoors than by staying on a boat for your Easter weekend break?

    Easter breaks with Beds on Board

    5 reasons to stay on a boat this Easter

    (1) It’s a boat! - let’s face it, boats are cool and will great bragging rights

    (2) It’s spring time - winter's over and it's time to get out into the fresh air

    (3) It’s great family time - chill out on board, enjoy the stars, get away from it all

    (4) It’s cool for kids - cabins, bunks & forecastles instead of a second hotel room

    (5) It’s different - you’ll be on a beach this summer, so do something different

    Easter holidays with Beds on Board

    Top 5 Easter destinations

    (1) Lymington, UK - picturesque Georgian market town on the edge of the New Forest

    (2) London, UK - one of the world's most visited cities, with famous landmarks, attractions & shopping

    (3) Barcelona, Spain - a city with its own beach, perfect for short breaks that mix sun, sea & sightseeing

    (4) Valletta, Malta
    - future European City of Culture, 16th Century elegance & beautiful beaches

    (5) Palma, Mallorca
    -  a short hop to Mallorca’s stylish capital where history, culture & couture combine