Cleaning and turnaround service

Offering a range of services to the marine industry, Maritime Yacht Services have created a unique clean and turnaround package for Beds on Board owners.

Over 10 years experience of putting standards first, working with boats has developed techniques and an attention to detail that is second to none. 

So if you're time restricted or want to enjoy hassle free boat rental get in contact today.

About the Service

Maritime Yacht Services know how important it is for your boat to be clean and ready for your guests. So for just £1.50/ft you will get a professional changeover service to include:

  • Vacuum/mop all internal floors
  • Airing all rooms on the boat
  • Polish all internal surfaces
  • Clean fridge and galley
  • Dust and clean cabins
  • Bathrooms sanitised and cleaned
  • Bed linen washed and replaced

Relax and enjoy the benefits of renting your boat with Beds on Board. Let the experienced team look after your boat, keeping it cleaned and turned around making ownership hassle free.

To find out more about the service visit the maritime yacht services site or contact them on 01489 891 970

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