Book a Boat Stay

Book your boat stay with boat accommodation specialist Beds on Board

Who books a boat stay?

Anyone who wants another way to stay, including those looking for:

(1) Self catering holidays

(2) Unique accommodation

(3) Family breaks

(4) Event accommodation

(5) Business trip accommodation


What can you expect to do on a boat stay?

There’s a handover so no experience is necessary and don’t forget to ask the owner about the boat and the area.

Boats are in great locations so you could secure a base to start another adventure, or stopover somewhere.

Generally, boat stays let you get away from it all, spend time together without the distractions of everyday life. A chance to recharge, regroup or rekindle.

And, for you peace of mind, all guests are covered by our guests insurance.

How does a boat stay compare to a hotel stay?

A lot of boats have a lot in coming with a hotel stay, you can usually expect:

(1) Private rooms

(2) On-site parking 

(3) Tea & coffee making facilities

(4) Linen and towels

(5) TV/Entertainment systems

And how is a boat stay different?

When you fancy a change from hotels or B&B, you can get:

(1) Closer to nature

(2) Cabins for kids

(3) Water views

(4) A personal touch 

(5) Meet new people