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  • How to be a great Owner

    Guests will love staying on your boat so we have just a few pointers to make sure they have a great stay and leave you great reviews.


    All boats should be safe and adhere to all local safety and legal regulations.


    Make the most of your listing?

    We've seen what guests want from a listing so click here for some top tips to get you more bookings.


    A Great Owner Checklist  

    Know the basics:
    - All prices shown are for the full boat (or cabin or bunk) not per person
    - All bookings are sole occupancy
    - You will be rated by the Guest for each booking

    Answer all questions:
    - Before, during and after a booking
    - Encourage questions about the boat and what to expect from their stay
    - Tell the Guests exactly what they should bring 

    Give a great handover:
    - If you cannot be there, use your local contacts or a local guardianage service
    - Show the Guest everything they need to know
    - Leave a printout with details on how to operate everything they need
    - Leave clear contact instructions should they have any questions

    Simplify the boat:
    - Label what you can
    - Stow anything that may get in the Guests way
    - Close off any areas not for rent
    - Invest in any tools or work that could simplify the experience for your Guests

    Ask questions before, during and after a booking, for example:
    - What is the reason for your trip?
    - Who is in your party?
    - Do you know the area?
    - Do you need any catering or other services provided?
    - Have you stayed on a boat before?
    - Are you happy to take your shoes off at all times?
    - Are you comfortable following instructions to use the amenities?
    - Are you happy to use onshore amenities rather than onboard (if relevant)?

    Please Contact Us with any questions, any time.