How to be a great Guest

It’s easy to enjoy staying on a boat, and just as easy to be a great Guest. All you need is common sense, respect and to follow our Guest Conduct Guidelines.

Read our guest conduct guidelines

By using Beds on Board you are accepting our Terms & Conditions which include our Guest Conduct Guidelines.

Download our Guest Conduct Guidelines

Know the basics

Some good things to know when using the website and staying on a boat:

- It's peer-to-peer, so owners manage their own listtings and set their own pricing

- All prices shown are for the full boat (or cabin or bunk) not per person

- Once you send a booking request the owner has 48 hours to accept the booking

- All bookings are sole occupancy unless otherwise stated

- You and the owner review each other after the booking, building trust for future bookings

Ask questions

Use the "Contact owner" button (on every boat detail page) to ask any questions you have - before, during and after your booking. For example:

- How do I get on and off the boat?

- What safety instructions should I follow?

- How do I operate all the amenities onboard?

- What shouldn’t I touch?

- What facilities can I use onshore?

- What should I do if I have any questions or concerns? 

Respect your neighbours

a. Parties are not allowed

b. Make no more noise than your neighbours

c. Do not have loud music or TV

d. Do not invite other people onto the boat without prior consent from the host

Respect the environment

a. Observe and follow all signs and rules onboard and onshore

b. Do not throw anything into the water

c. Do not swim in marinas

d. Always dispose of rubbish responsibly


Respect the boat

a. Observe and follow all instructions

b. Do not use any equipment you have not been instructed on

c. Save power and water whenever possible

d. Do not try to move the boat or adjust the mooring in any way

Respect the water

- Only competent swimmers should stay on a boat

- Do not run near the water or onboard

- Stay within the boats cockpit and living area

- Avoid excessive alcohol intake

If you have any questions about being a Beds on Board guest please contact us.