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  • Peer-to-peer accommodation guidelines

    For a safe and enjoyable accommodation experience, please follow these guidelines. Regulations vary from location to location so ensure you are aware of the relevant regulations applicable to your vessel.



    • Obtain permission from the marina to offer overnight accommodation

    • Comply with all laws and regulations relevant to your boat location and use

    • Inland Waterways require a non-private Boat Safety Certificate. See:

    • Boats must not leave their mooring

    • Guests on board must not exceed max person capacity on the vessels builders plate

    • Guests on board must not exceed the number of guests booked

    • Follow marina guidelines (safety/noise/toilets etc)

    • Manage the guest and the stay yourself, or with your own agent

    • Complete a handover with a person familiar with the boat and marina, that includes;

    - Safety & access

    - Operating instructions of the boat and its systems

    - Environmental issues of being on board (toilets and rubbish etc)

    - Marina guidelines

    - Emergency contact number(s)


    • Make sure the boat is a safe environment for guests;

    - Trip hazards

    - Getting on and off the boat

    - Check all electrical appliances and connections

    - Provide a torch(s) for the guest to use when going ashore

    • The boat should have a current gas safety certificate (if relevant)

    • Gas and CO alarm to be fitted and working

    • The boat should have a current fire safety certificate

    • The boat should have a current electrical certificate

    • Marina safety instructions to be included in the handover;

    - Alcohol

    - Pontoons & ladders

    - Flotation devices

    • Provide access to lifejackets for children and non swimmers


    • All boats must be covered by their insurance policy to provide overnight accommodation

    • If in any doubt please contact your insurance broker or insurer for confirmation

    • Check the booking agent provides a level of personal accident cover for guests

    Click here to download a PDF of these guidelines.


    Contact us with any questions you may have, or with help to list your boat with Beds on Board.